Top Tweetable Quotes From More Than A Resume Webinar

Last week we hosted the ‘More Than A Resume’ webinar. We discussed tips for competing in today’s job market. The webinar was jam-packed with helpful tips. Here are the top tweetable quotes from the webinar. Enjoy!

  1. Your resume should be a snapshot of your talent potential” – Tania Richardson [Tweet this]
  2. If you don’t have a linkedin profile, I’m wondering why, especially in 2015” – Tania Richardson [Tweet this]
  3. When you put your skills first, you show that you more than your resume” – @gapjumpersts [Tweet this]
  4. Challenges [blind auditions] are meant to level the playing field” – @gapjumpersts [Tweet this]
  5. You are also apart of someone else’s network, so you have to be ready and willing to help other people” –   [Tweet this]
  6. Being authentic and curious is probably the most single and important thing” – Tania Richardson [Tweet this]
  7. Givers gain! Always think about how you can help others connect” – @HBCUCareerCntr [Tweet this]

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Article by Hadiyah Mujhid

HBCUtoStartup cofounder. Entrepreneur/Engineer/Teacher. Proud HBCU Alum

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